3 days-online workshop on R-programming

The three days programming-intensive workshop will enable participants to write programs in R, and its application in downstream biological data analysis. Successful completion of this workshop will provide participants with practical knowledge of the usage of R statistical programming language in data analysis.

Course highlights

Day 1 (Duration : 120 minutes) : Installation of R and configuration of a suitable IDE | Handing of different data types | Read/write data into files, package installation | Writing custom functions, passing parameters | Working with Google Colab

Day 2 (Duration : 120 minutes) : Basic data analysis: data cleaning, summary statistics, imputation, feature selection | Regression, clustering, classification

Day 3 (Duration : 120 minutes) : Univariate statistics: Differential expression analysis | Age prediction from transcriptomic data | Predicting breast malignancy | Building a Shiny App: Forecasting COVID-19 associated mortality


Duration of training : 3 Days (07th Aug - 09th Aug)

Timings : 11:00 AM to 01:00 PM

Commencement of registration : 22 July, 2020

Eligibility criteria : Students, Researchers, Faculties and Industry professionals.

Fee : Rs.1000/-

Last date of registration : 06 Aug, 2020


1. Dr. Debarka Sengupta (https://www.debarka.com/) | https://www.debarka.com/team/debarka

2. Dr. Gaurav Ahuja (https://ahuja-lab.in/)


Participants successfully completing the training program will be provided with E-certificate.


The entire training will be online and shall have following prerequisites:

  • Participants must have access to the laptop/desktop with stable internet connection.
  • Participants must possess a google account (xxxx@gmail.com).