Online Certificate Course in Industrial Bioinformatics

We offer an integrative, multidisciplinary training program that encompasses biology using computational and quantitative methods. This program focuses on various databases, tools, and techniques that are central to computational biology. We would cover “Basic Bioinformatics” and “Drug Design” in detail. In the last two modules, we cover data analysis using “Biopython” and “Machine Learning” application on biological problems. This course is designed for undergraduate and postgraduate students. However, it would be equally beneficial for PhDs and post-doctoral candidates.
This course would provide extensive hands-on and sufficient lectures from the expertise of different fields. An assignment would be provided to participants for better understanding. Instructors for this course are from industries and academia with rich experience in bioinformatics.

Course objectives

A student who has met the objectives of the course will be able to:

Understand : Fundamentals of Bioinformatics

Learn : Necessary bio-computational skills, data analytics strategies, established workflows, biological concepts to interpret the results and professional depiction of data.

Apply : Fundamental concepts and analytics strategies, while working on real-time projects based on research problems from diverse backgrounds like agriculture, healthcare, environmental sciences etc.

Course structure

Duration of training : 45 Days (57 Hours)

Commencement of registration : 01st November, 2020

Commencement of programme : 08 January, 2021

Eligibility criteria : B. Tech / B. Sc / M. Sc / M. Tech / Ph. D

Domain : Industrial Bioinformatics

Certification : Pathfinder Research and Training Foundation

Fee : Rs.10000/- including GST

Course coordinators

Dr. Vivek Dhar Dwivedi (Scientist, Pathfinder Research and Training Foundation)

Dr. Avinash Mishra (Director, Growdea Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)

Dr. Garima Khandelwal (Sr. Genomic Consultant, Growdea Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)


The entire training will be online and shall have following prerequisites:

  • Participants must have access to the laptop/desktop with stable internet connection.
  • Participants must possess a google account (



Schedule of programme Industrial Bioinformatics

Days 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Day 1: Friday Guest inauguration lecture Introduction to bioinformatics, opportunities, and domains
Day 2: Saturday Introduction to biological database Sequence alignment theory Practical session: Pairwise sequence alignment
Day 3: Sunday Practical session: Multiple sequence alignment Practical session: Protein motif & domain prediction Gene prediction tools
Day 4: Friday Practical session: Gene and promoter sequence Phylogenesis hands-on
Day 5: Saturday Protein structure basics Protein databases Secondary structure prediction hands-on
Day 6: Sunday Tertiary structure prediction hands on Tertiary structure prediction hands-on Introduction to next generation sequencing
Day 7: Friday Whole exome sequencing hands on Whole exome sequencing hands-on
Day 8: Saturday RNA-Seq hands on RNA-Seq hands on Assignment on basic bioinformatics
Day 9: Sunday Guest lecture on drug design What is in-silico drug design? Databases used in drug design
Day 10: Friday Molecular structure explanation & visualization Docking session - hands-on
Day 11: Saturday Docking Session-hands-on Docking result interpretation Binding energy & protein-ligand interaction study
Day 12: Sunday Plotting interaction details Plotting interaction details Plotting interaction details
Day 13: Friday QSAR hands on QSAR hands on
Day 14: Saturday Pharmacophore design Pharmacophore design Pharmacophore design
Day 15: Sunday What is bio python. Installation of bio python Basic concept of python-hands-on Basic concept of python-hands on
Day 16: Friday Operation on sequence object-hands on Sequence record object hands on
Day 17: Saturday Biological file handling Biological file handling Biological file handling
Day 18: Sunday Assignment on biopython
Day 19: Friday Guest lecture machine learning & data science Installation of 'R'
Day 20: Saturday Basic concept of 'R' data type, variables, operation Data processing & Regression model using 'R' Data Processing & Regression model using 'R'
Day 21: Sunday Evaluation of regression model Build machine learning models exercise: Random forest & SVM
Concluding day Assignment on machine learning Thank you note & certificate distribution

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