5 Days online workshop on molecular docking and biomolecular interactions

In drug discovery, molecular docking enables the identification of potential compounds of therapeutic interest by predicting the ligand-target interactions at a molecular level. This computational technique provides a wonderful opportunity to investigate fundamental biological questions at the molecular level. In this workshop, participants will be imparted with both theoretical and hands-on training involved in the prediction of protein structures, molecular docking and biomolecular interactions. The course includes step-by-step lectures/tutorials to the methodologies associated with the included topics.

Course highlights

  • Protein structure, databases and visualization
  • Protein 3D structure prediction and validation
  • Basic concepts of drug discovery and molecular docking
  • Molecular interaction analysis


Duration of training : 5 Days (6th July - 10th July)

Timings : 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Commencement of registration : 15th June, 2020

Eligibility criteria :B.Sc / B.Tech. / M.Tech./ M.Sc. /Ph.D.

Fee : Rs.500/- (Including GST)


Dr. Vivek Dhar Dwivedi

Dr. Avinash Mishra


Participants successfully completing the training program will be provided with certificate.


The entire training will be online and shall have following prerequisites:

  • Participants must have access to the laptop/desktop with stable internet connection.
  • Basic knowledge of protein structure will be beneficial.