5 - Days online Workshop on Statistical Data Analysis in Research with MS Excel

Statistical data analysis plays a very vital role in research. When the data size is sufficiently large, it is not always easy to analyze them manually and, hence, the role of statistical software becomes essential to meet the requirement of the study. The good thing about using these soft-wares is that they provide a more conventional picture of the dataset and save time, resources, once we have a good knowledge of these sophisticated tools and soft-wares. A lot of opportunities arises in medical, research, industrial sectors as a data analyst for those who are well-furnished with statistical software. The main objective of the workshop is to make aware the researcher about statistical tools and techniques that are useful in research and academics by hands-on sessions using MS Excel (Detailed schedule is attached).

Course highlights

Day - 1 Introduction to Microsoft Excel : Formulas, Functions, Data Analysis ToolPak, Data Entry, Manipulation and Management in Microsoft Excel.

Day - 2 Descriptive Statistics : Type of Data, Measurement Scales, Measure of Central Tendency, Measure of Dispersion, Measure of Skewness, and Measure of Kurtosis. How to check the normality of data? Graphical and Exact procedures.

Day - 3 Correlation and Regression Analysis : Correlation and simple Regression, Rank Correlation.

Day - 4 Parametric Tests : Parametric Tests: Basic concepts of Testing, one-sample t-test, two independent samples t-test, paired t-test, One -way &, two-way ANOVA.

Day - 5 Non-Parametric Tests : Kolmogorov Smirnov test, Sign Test, Wilcoxon-signed rank test, Mann-Whitney U-statistic, Kruskal Wallis One-way ANOVA.


Duration of training : 5 Days (13th November - 17th November, 2021)

Timings : 06:00 PM to 08:00 PM

Eligibility criteria : B.Sc / B.Tech / M.Tech/ M.Sc / Ph.D

Fee : Rs.1500/- (Including GST)


Participants successfully completing the training program will be provided with the certificate.